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Mon Dec 9 15:59:17 EST 2002

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>I'm still working on sorting out my 200q20v Avant to get it ready for sale.
>Airbag light is on. The airbag also seems a little loose in the steering


Define "loose"?

The airbag is held in place by two torx screws, accessed from the back of the steering wheel.

Is the airbag power connector together? ( passenger side of the main console - remove side panel (on philips screw on console side, another under the passenger footwell light.

if this connector is disabled, you WILL see the airbag light illuminated when you turn the ignition on.

>Nobody local seemed to be able to read the airbag codes, so one local
>mechanic who had a friend at the Audi dealer took it over. The dealer
>reported that the airbag and ignitor need to be replaced (something like
>$1700- maybe that was just the parts). The local mechanic doesnt really seem
>to want to get further involved.

Did you have the recall performed?

>My question is about the codes. With the airbag a little loose, do the codes
>give you different information if something is disconnected or misaligned as
>opposed to actually faulty? Does it sound funny that both units are
>supposedly bad?

I've had the airbag/steering wheel off a number of times...Its not THAT dangerous if you are reasonably careful.

the ignitor is a red package install on the wheel and has a spade connector that attaches to the airbag.

I'm going to assume that the fault you are seeing is due to a disruption of power to the airbag.

have you had any work done prior to the airbag light coming on that might have lead to the steering wheel removal, such as work on the instrument cluster (really dont have to remove wheel), the ignition switch or the column switches?


>I really don't want to fix this myself- I have no time right now. I know
>that I can get a good airbag and ignitor from a reputable list vendor for a
>tenth the price the dealer wants, but is there a chance that the parts are
>Thanks very much,
>Tom F.
>1991 200q20v Avant FS

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