Airbag Code Problem

Forhan, Thomas Thomas.Forhan at
Mon Dec 9 16:30:48 EST 2002

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The definition of loose in this case is "rattles and has some limited
movement -maybe a mm or two".I would not be surprised to find one torx out,
the other allowing some slop.

Yes, its had the recall.

I've never had the instrument panel out or the wheel off, and the car is
sitting at the Audi dealer right now so I can't check the power connector. I
do know where it is, i.e. I've been mucking in there when I fixed the seat
heaters and installed the Nakamichi CD player, so maybe it is suspect.

Still I come back to the question: if it did not have power would it not
throw a different code?

If you've been in there Peter, do you think the looseness of the airbag
could have caused a disconnection?

I've seen posts about the "clockspring" behind the airbag as perhaps the
most common failure- is that the ignitor? There is nothing called "ignitor"
in the ETKA -or clock spring for that matter, adding to my confusion.
all I see is "cancelling ring with slip ring", "current accumulator", and
"airbag control module".  Knowing nothing, I guess the first might be the
clock spring, the second an ignitor, but its not located near the airbag.

Any more insights?


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