Recall ? Airbag 200 20V

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You should be able to call aoa and give them your vin and they can tell you if you had the recall done if you are a newer owner.  They did mine and like a few weeks later the light came on and no code or communication at all with system.  Aoa said my problem wasn't related to the recall but a coincidence, but a dealer would be happy to look at it for big $$$$.

Some guy on the list a few years ?? ago said something about having some spiral spring resistance reprogrammed for real cheap and it solved the recall related airbag failure. (at least that's what I remember...)

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Recall about what?  Is there an airbag recall?  Urban legend?
-Scott in BOSTON

>> reported that the airbag and ignitor need to be replaced
> (something like
> >$1700- maybe that was just the parts). The local mechanic doesnt really se=
> em to want to get further involved.
> Did you have the recall performed?

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