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> Thank you Paul.  Since we have veered this far off topic, I'll weigh in with a
> book review.  Whether you are in the Milton Friedman (Royal) or Keynes-Sierra
> Club (Dikeman) school of economic theory/agenda, you'll love Peter Dougherty's
> book "Who's afraid of Adam Smith: How the market got it's soul"  I'm only
> halfway through, but I'm loving it.  Dougherty's contribution to the debate is
> to highlight that the bulk of Smith's scholarly work was moral/ethical in
> nature.  So he draws as heavily from "A Theory of Moral Sentiments," as he
> does from "Wealth of Nations."
> Adam Smith tends unjustly to be tarred with the same brush as hard core
> Darwinian capitalists like Gordon Gehko ("greed is good") and that iron
> maiden, Ayn Rand.  That's unfair.  He claimed a civilizing influence for his
> "invisible hand" which just hasn't been fully realized yet.  ( and don't give
> me any grief for the "work in process" disclaimer.  The communists were
> protesting "you can't make an omlet..." for an entire century, until the whole
> system collapsed...)  Adam Smith made a lot of money in his lifetime, but left
> a tiny estate.  He'd given it all away.
> Audi content:  Can I just say that last week, six inches of new
> snow+250HP+quattro was just a blessing from God?
> Ok, let's check: politics, economics, environmentalism, weather, religion, all
> in one post.  Is there some prize?
> Brandon H
> eS2
>> I don't want everyone spending a lot of time on this so I did
>> the research and have the answers to
>> the questions that Brett wanted you to ask.  It's a busy
>> season and I had the time to do the
>> research so here goes.  Happy Holidays.
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