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Wed Dec 11 07:25:11 EST 2002

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       I understand that's the way our economic system works, but it sucks. I
confess to shopping at Walmart. I don't have a choice-now. In our county
(Orleans/ halfway between Buffalo and Rochester) there is not a single store
left where you can even buy a pair of socks or underwear! We have to drive
about 25 miles to one of 3 walmarts in surrounding  mid-sized cities,1 in each
of the 3 surrounding counties. I'll take that back- you might be able to get a
bag of 100 for .$99 (super-size that sock order with plastic shoes for $1.99
more?) at one of the 3 dollar stores that are thriving. Need a tie- forget
about it unless you want to pick up a polyester one with Rudolph or a bass at
the convenience store/gas station- depends on the season.
     I don't blame Walmart, the buck stops here - I wish I gave former local
businessmen more of my business when I could.  Thankfully I don't have to shop
locally for 20v parts-they come promptly from Art at Salisbury by UPS. I f  I
need a part I get it form there. I 'd hate to see that small business go down
the tubes! Then I'd have to rely on AOA or some other profit driven
corporation for parts, friendly advice and service where the kid in parts will
ask me what year is that 20v 200 ? Walmart looks good compared to those
bloodsuckers-$15 and change to replace the flame trap, not in stock
natuarally- $5 more to ship to my house or drive 50 miles to get it when it's

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