[s-cars] Re: $15K average according to S-Cars.org ;-)

James Murray (LMC) James.Murray at ericsson.ca
Wed Dec 11 11:11:25 EST 2002

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Ok ok, I had a few free mintues to burn... I just thought it was an interesting result. Anyway do you really want the average cost of the only two '92's cars listed on s-cars.org? really now...

P.S. Rod, Merikan prices of course!!!  but I see one (the highest priced) was listed in Kanadian peso so that might skew the average I posted just tad.

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	> > From S-Cars.Org web site: 1992-1994 Audi S4 Lowest priced is $7000, highest
	> > priced is $21,995. There are 31 cars listed, average price from total
	> > listed: $15,114
	> >
	> >
	>Is them Merikan dollers or Kanadian dollers

	So what's the average for '92's, which was the car in question, wasn't
	it?  And don't forget, the advertised price is the asking price.  My last
	Audi purchase was a '90 V8 (couple years ago now) that was listed for
	$6800, down from original offering of $7200.  I paid just over $4K and it
	came with new Michelin All-Seasons (not a real plus:  I've got to wear 'em
	out) and a fresh timing belt.  Had  ~110K miles (original speedo).

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