[s-cars] Re: $15K average according to S-Cars.org ;-)

Mike Miller mikemilr at blackfoot.net
Wed Dec 11 12:17:51 EST 2002

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> Unfortunately, sporting vehicles can rarely be viewed as an investment...
> naturally, you pay more to have the nice stuff sooner.  If you buy in when
> the vehicle has nearly bottomed out in the market (and has a long life
> expectancy), you can usually get your best $/mile return.  The sacrifice
> that you are driving "yesterday's news."  But that has never bothered me!!
> Dave

Quite true. The $15 depreciation over 6+ yrs is nowhere near as pricey as
the original owner who lost ~$30k in under 5 yrs and about 70 k mi.

As you well know, "yesterday's news" will still suprise some of "today's
news" :-)


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