[s-cars] Re: $15K average according to S-Cars.org ;-)

Patrick Anderson ptanders at attbi.com
Wed Dec 11 12:39:38 EST 2002

I am with Dave. Driving yesterday's news as he puts it never bothered me
either. Ya I would love a nice new car but the price difference between the
200 20v and a 1 year newer UrS4 is so large for marginal performance
capabilities (assuming the 200 doesn't have stock suspension) that I
couldn't justify the extra cost. Just be patient and wait for the right car
for you to come along. I waited and watched for my perfect 200 to come along
for a year and a half. Then I found it. Pearl white, H+R/Bilstein sports,
17" wheels, Porsche 996 calipers over A8 rotors, RS2 turbo, RS2 exhaust
manifold, IA III+ chip, after market CD player and speakers all around, only
60k miles on new tranny/clutch, metal gear in a new distributor,  meticulous
maintenance history by an enthusiast (this was key as we all know how spendy
repairs can be). Paint and body are nearly flawless and arrow straight. All
for only $6500. Admittedly this was an absolute steal (probably worth more
like $10k) but the guy just wanted to get rid of it cause he had too many
cars already, a Porsche for fun and a new Jaguar S type to commute in. I
paid half of what a UrS4 would have cost me and I will still blow their
doors off. I guess patience does pay off =). All the car needs now are the
Samco hoses(coming on the GP), RS2 exhaust cam (on its way from Europe
soon), and Euro headlights (as soon as I get the money).

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> Unfortunately, sporting vehicles can rarely be viewed as an investment...
> naturally, you pay more to have the nice stuff sooner.  If you buy in when
> the vehicle has nearly bottomed out in the market (and has a long life
> expectancy), you can usually get your best $/mile return.  The sacrifice
> that you are driving "yesterday's news."  But that has never bothered me!!
> Dave
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