4,000 Series Code Issues

Jobe Tichy bimmer_dude at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 11 20:48:15 EST 2002

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Hello All:

I have recently pulled my codes and I received a code on all of the 4,000
series motronic accessories.  These all seem to be selenoid-based accessories:
Fuel Injectors 1-5 (in firing order); ISV; WGFV; and Carbon Can.  Moreover,
because each of these are selenoid-based, I was able to run the output tests
to "double check" their functioning.  Sure enough, each of the tests delivered
a functioning accessory.

Has anyone else pulled similar codes sequences such as all selenoid
accessories?  I thought this was really odd.  I pulled them once, cleared
them, then did it again and the same thing.  Does this just mean that I need
to run some FI cleaner and spray down the ISV and clean it out?  (That would
be nice:)).  Are these accessories connected in such a way where if one goes
bad, they all trip sending a code?  From my expereince with a 7A 90 20v, I
know the "feel" when an injector is bad--e.g., hesitation, etc.  I do not have
that here.  The car runs super strong, full boost, no missing or hesitation
from my analysis.  I cross checked SJM and I don't really have a rough idle
either, which is a telltale of each of these problems.  The idles doesn't
sputter and is not spiratic.

One thing though, on my mechanical boost gauge I saw 13-14 psi. spike once
when I really floored it on an on-ramp with perfect ambient temps--the turbo
was really happy:) and so maybe this would trip the WGFV code, but would it
have an affect on the others?

Any help would be great and thanks in advance.  This is just too weird to pull
all selenoid codes; have each function on the output test; and have the car
run really strong....???


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