Nice S6 for Sale and Wal-Smaht

Wed Dec 11 21:10:29 EST 2002

>>Thankfully I don't have to shop locally for 20v parts-they come promptly from Art at Salisbury by
>>UPS. If I need a part I get it form there. I'd hate to see that small business go down
>>the tubes! Then I'd have to rely on AOA or some other profit driven corporation for parts, ....

Geez, I think my friend Art might be offended if you told him he wasn't profit driven.  Art is one
of those business owners that is truly profit driven, BUT, also understands VALUE and customer
relationships.  He remains successful both professionally and personally because of this.

Speaking of S4 prices... there's a nice red 95 S6 with 94K on the clock for sale at Callahan
Motorcars in Hampton, NH for $13,500.  Find them on the net.  I believe the car is also listed on for something higher, but it was offered to me for $13,500.  In other news I drove the new
Mazda "6" today.  I was actually impressed.   They've come a long way.  Not in a buying mood for
either of the above cars BTW.

Royal 16RoT
1991 200TQW
1991 90Q20v
1990 90Q20v
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