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Sounds like you're not pulling codes, but doing the output diagnostics
feature instead.


> From: "Jobe Tichy" <bimmer_dude at hotmail.com>
> To: 200q20v at audifans.com
> Subject: 4,000 Series Code Issues
> Date: Wed, 11 Dec 2002 20:48:15 +0000
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> Hello All:
> I have recently pulled my codes and I received a code on all of the 4,000
> series motronic accessories.  These all seem to be selenoid-based
> accessories:
> Fuel Injectors 1-5 (in firing order); ISV; WGFV; and Carbon Can.  Moreover,
> because each of these are selenoid-based, I was able to run the output
> tests
> to "double check" their functioning.  Sure enough, each of the tests
> delivered
> a functioning accessory.
> Has anyone else pulled similar codes sequences such as all selenoid
> accessories?  I thought this was really odd.  I pulled them once, cleared
> them, then did it again and the same thing.  Does this just mean that I
> need
> to run some FI cleaner and spray down the ISV and clean it out?  (That
> would
> be nice:)).  Are these accessories connected in such a way where if one goes
> bad, they all trip sending a code?  From my expereince with a 7A 90 20v, I
> know the "feel" when an injector is bad--e.g., hesitation, etc.  I do not
> have
> that here.  The car runs super strong, full boost, no missing or hesitation
> from my analysis.  I cross checked SJM and I don't really have a rough idle
> either, which is a telltale of each of these problems.  The idles doesn't
> sputter and is not spiratic.
> One thing though, on my mechanical boost gauge I saw 13-14 psi. spike once
> when I really floored it on an on-ramp with perfect ambient temps--the
> turbo
> was really happy:) and so maybe this would trip the WGFV code, but would it
> have an affect on the others?
> Any help would be great and thanks in advance.  This is just too weird to
> pull
> all selenoid codes; have each function on the output test; and have the car
> run really strong....???

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