200-20V w/ V8 front anti roll bar.

Steven Hauptmann hauptmanns at MAIL.LLR.STATE.SC.US
Thu Dec 12 15:57:21 EST 2002

I believe Charles is correct.  I do remember reading somewhere a few years
ago (possibly at an S-car website or on the main list) that the 1992 S4 came
equipped with a rear sway bar, however it was dropped for the 1993 model

Seems like the retrofit of the '92 rear bar onto a newer car required much
more work than what's required to fit the V8 swaybar to the front of our
cars. Can't remember exactly what's required though.

Steve Hauptmann
South Carolina

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Now you made me do it!  I just hiked outside and crawled
around behind a '93, couldn't see one; helluva tight fit
if they tried.

I wonder if they chucked it after the first year, like
the '92 urS4 did and the '93 didn't.  OR the ETKA has
some inconsistencies... gee never seen that.

Hans und Frans, those wild and carazy guys; and I thought
the early urQs were the only crapshoots.

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That's odd.  I've got a friend with 2 V8 5 speeds.  Neither has a rear

---From Bernie while I was typing this:

I assume that you are talking about your V8 and that PN is the bar for
That is the same PN as is listed for the '92 S4.  So, apparently they
the same bar.

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