Rain-x type stuff

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 12 17:56:18 EST 2002

Felling generous tonight, so thought I'd share the following.

With the mileage I've seen on my car, windsheild is obviously less than new.
  Effect of all of the little dust'ish particles can really be noticed late
on a sunny day.  Other effect was that new windshield wipers would crap out
after about a week of use.

Decided to try some rain-slick stuff and wouldn't you know, windshield
wipers work great, even without replacement.

So, there's my wisdom for the nightl; if your windshield is pitted, and your
wipers suffer for it, rain-x'ish stuff will allow you to again see in the
rain, esp. in the night.

Now, my other wise move for the evening willbe to hit send, and turn off the
computer.  Other things to do.

Derek P

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