Rain-x type stuff

jim catterson termite at rocketmail.com
Fri Dec 13 01:30:25 EST 2002

> Decided to try some rain-slick stuff and wouldn't you know,
> windshield
> wipers work great, even without replacement.
> So, there's my wisdom for the nightl; if your windshield is pitted,
> and your
> wipers suffer for it, rain-x'ish stuff will allow you to again see in
> the
> rain, esp. in the night.

even better solution is to use the rain-x washer fluid sold in [gasp]
pep boys.  about a buck more a gallon than the generic and works
great...same effect as applying rain-x directle,  but self renewing and
a very good washer fluid as well.  for those of you in the warmer
climates,  bugs come off quicker too...

jim catterson

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