200-20V w/ V8 front anti roll bar.

Bernie Benz b.benz at charter.net
Fri Dec 13 20:54:45 EST 2002

Charlie, I didn't know that you were a love bug!  Standing clear.

IMO, the rear bar addition would be most beneficial as an inclusion with the
stiffer front, A8, bar and then most noticable in track situtations.  Could
result in an almost great handler.  Who's to try it?


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> OK, so I keep spacing out the need to pass this on:
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>> Mike Pederson on the S-car list has figured out the rear sway bar
>> retrofit.  Check the S-car archives for the write-up or his
>> email address
>> (mlped at somethingsomewhere.com) .
> I contacted Mike yesterday about his rear mounts, his response:
>> Back when I had the original batch of adapters done up, I traded several
>> emails, along with information on the adapters with Berni Benz on the 200
>> list.  At the risk of miss quoting him, I think his conclusion was "It ought
>> to work ...." but I never heard of any interest from any of the 200TQ'rs.
>> If there is an interest, I have a set of adapters that I held in reserve for
>> personal use.  I lent my 17mm RSB to Hap to send off as a pattern, but I
>> think I should have it back sometime fairly soon.
>> It some one has a 200TQ in the Denver area to volunteer as a test mule, it
>> doesn't take much more than about 30 - 50 minutes to fit one of these up to
>> a car to see if it fits.  If you know of someone that's interested, have
>> them give me a call.
>> On the supply side, more can be made up if there is an interest.  I've cc'd
>> Hap on this so he'll be up to speed if you decide to contact him
> Bernie we all know and love to bug...
> Hap is a Hawaiin-shirt-wearing urS4 wildman who has worked out a rear
> bar for
> the later urS4s, many of us who frequent both lists know the legend...
> I'm in the Denver(Boulder) area, usually have no time to play but may be
> able
> to provide both sedan and avant test mules.  Somebody please weigh in on
> tools
> to quantify the difference in handling with and without the added bar as
> I don't
> think a subjective butt-dyno is adequate.  (G-Tek... toy or tool??)
> Charlie
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