200-20V w/ V8 front anti roll bar.

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Sat Dec 14 14:40:14 EST 2002

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BTDT on my 87tqw years ago.  A great addition IMO.  I since moved to a 30mm
front, still no rear bar, a better rear setup is a linear rate coil over in
the back.  With these long wheelbase cars and an excellent rear suspension
geometry, swaybars rear tend to just lift wheels sooner.  A bad thing,
especially with a torsen center, lifted wheel, no power to ground.  Leave the
wheel travel, increase the spring rate rear.  I ran a complete suspension
diagnostic on an 87 5ktq with the 30mm front and the 92 S4 rear swaybar (had
full coil overs front and rear) vs my old 5ktq with stock front bar no rears,
same coil overs all corners.  My car handled the colorado twisties much
better.  My suggestion was to remove the rear since it only created the habit
of lifting the inside wheel.


'87 t44tqw 30mmfront, C/O rear
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Charlie, I didn't know that you were a love bug!  Standing clear.

IMO, the rear bar addition would be most beneficial as an inclusion with the
stiffer front, A8, bar and then most noticable in track situtations.  Could
result in an almost great handler.  Who's to try it?


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