oil film on coolant

Dan Wing wagons at sover.net
Sun Dec 15 08:18:00 EST 2002

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I am going to be replacing the radiator (leaking just a little, so far) and=
 the turbo coolant line (leaking more, form the look of it) on  a 200q20v  =
(121k miles). I have noticed that there is a small film of black oil on the=
 surface of the coolant in my reserve tank, and on the inside of the cap-- =
only as much as would be made by perhaps half a teaspoon of oil. It has bee=
n a couple of years since the coolant was changed. No evidence of water in =
the oil-- not creamy.

Since it is so much work to replace the turbo line, I want to check with yo=
u guys to be sure this small amount of black oily film does not represent a=
ny major problem, in the turbo or elsewhere. Has anyone seen this in other =


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