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> -complete replacement of all speakers -AND- wiring to speakers

This isn't necessarily true.  You would have to replace the wiring should you
opt to amplify the signal via an aftermarket headunit or component amplifier.
 The speakers, however, are simply speakers, and they don't have to be
amplified by the Bose integrated amp.  You can wire an alternate
amplification directly to the speakers, if you're so inclined.  In my
retrofit, I discovered that the performance of the in-door front Bose
speakers was actually quite good.  I wired those directly to a component
amplifier and removed the Bose amplifier unit from the enclosures.  The
results are very good... much better than the typical door mount speakers
available in the aftermarket.

Brett's point still stands... it does take some effort to get away from the
complete Bose setup.  But, if you wanted to keep it very inexpensive, you
could simply replace the headunit, and rewire to the speakers, bypassing the
Bose amps.
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