Bose/Capapcitor order

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at
Tue Dec 17 14:08:50 EST 2002

As I haven't been able to source out cap's locally with the correct temp
tolerance, I'm going to place an order with Digikey tonight using the #'s
supplied by Brett.

The reason I'm letting people know is if anybodies interested, I can order a
couple of sets and ship off from here in a padded envelope via USPS when
they come in.  Main reason thinking about this is to negate the $5 surcharge
for orders under $25.

If anybodies interested in part of this let me know off list.  One way or
the other, I'll be ordering tonight by 6pm PST, and will soon have all four
speakers working again, and consistently too!

Derek P

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