Radio- Why not quality aftermarket?

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Tue Dec 17 14:05:57 EST 2002

At 12:39 PM 12/17/2002 , Brett Dikeman wrote:

>-complete replacement of all speakers -AND- wiring to speakers(the
>only wiring going to them is power, ground, and low voltage signal.
>None of the low voltage signal wiring is appropriate for carrying
>amplified speaker-level current.)

I disagree...

In my sedan, I have successfully replaced the rear Bose speakers using the
stock wires...admittedly, I am not using a high-power front-end (integrated
head-unit w/ amp), but for what I want, it works fine.  FWIW, I also used
the factory speaker harness connectors in the rear deck, moving them over
to my new speakers.

Just beware that the stock Bose speakers are common-grounded.  I don't know
how many head-units can handle common ground for speakers (no for my
Alpine, no for a prior Blaupunkt I had) so simply trace back the speaker
ground lead in the wire harness--you'll find the four speaker grounds
swaged together to the speaker ground lead--break here, and you'll have
four separate speaker circuits.  I also cheated on the fronts--not wanting
to disassemble the front doors, I simply dropped a pair of 3.5" speakers
under the dash-top grills.  For Hi-fi audio, I go home.  For car sound,
what I have does just fine.  YMMV

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