Radio- Why not quality aftermarket?

Brett Dikeman brett at
Tue Dec 17 17:46:52 EST 2002

At 2:05 PM -0800 12/17/02, Linus Toy wrote:

>Just beware that the stock Bose speakers are common-grounded.

This bears further explanation.

None of the modules are grounded on the speaker-side to the chassis.
None.  An entirely separate set of screws and mounts are used in the
rear units, for example.  The fronts are in a completely plastic
enclosure(there are metal inserts for structural purposes in many of
the mounting holes, but they're not connected to anything.)

Each amp has power, ground, signal +, signal -.  All signal wires go
straight back to the head unit, and the signal -'s are NOT tied
together.  If you pull ot the radio, you'll find eight wires, not 5.

Further, they're not tied to ground.  I do not recall if the grounds
all run to a common point, or if they utilize 'convenient' chassis
grounds near their physical locations.  Power is of course central
from the relay in the aux relay panel(relay is tripped from the

I believe SOME Bose systems utilize a common signal negative, which
is what I think you're referring to.

Also- bose speakers are a specific impedance.  I've heard from one
guy who smoked(literally) one of the drivers with an aftermarket head

PS:those of you with avants should think twice about ripping
everything out.  OEM was none other than MB Quartz.  I don't recall
if MB Quartz was the speaker OEM for the 10-speaker type 44 system- I
do remember seeing ITT crossovers though.  That was a pretty nice
sounding system...just not a loud one...
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