Radio- Why not quality aftermarket?

TM t44tq at
Tue Dec 17 20:54:19 EST 2002

Two of the speakers in the 10-speaker system in my '86 5ktq
were Nokia.

One other thing to consider is that paper-coned speakers with foam
surrounds in
an automotive environment will degrade significantly over 10+ years.
That system
may have sounded okay when the car was new, but I'll bet you'll notice a
difference by replacing the speakers.

The Bose system is such utter crap that I'd never consider replacing it
the same stuff. When I get around to it, I'm going to a set of a/d/s
in the front to replace my rather bright Boston components, adding a DVC
sub in an acoustic suspension box and possibly going to either Alpine or
for the headunit and CD changer.


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