Radio- Why not quality aftermarket?

Dan Simoes dans at
Tue Dec 17 21:04:42 EST 2002

> PS:those of you with avants should think twice about ripping
> everything out.  OEM was none other than MB Quartz.  I don't recall
> if MB Quartz was the speaker OEM for the 10-speaker type 44 system- I
> do remember seeing ITT crossovers though.  That was a pretty nice
> sounding system...just not a loud one...

The stock speakers in the avant do appear to be MB Quart, based on the
design, but compared to the modern coaxials I installed they are way
behind.  The magnets on the stock speakers are much smaller, they use
paper instead of poly, and on and on.

I'm very happy with the set I installed in my avant.  At ebay prices,
they are (front and rear) around $150 or less.  My wiring mods consisted
of running a pair of wires from the head to under the rear seat and
reusing the wiring to the doors from there.

I do think Jim's Becker install is the way to go if your speakers are
still decent and you don't need an ultramodern head unit (like an MP3

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