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>  The replacement bose speakers offered at are less than 1
> ohm.
If you look at this page, it states that Bose speakers are typically 1 or 2

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  When I installed my aftermarket system, and discovered that the door mount
Bose speakers in the Bose enclosures really did sound good, I elected to
remove the Bose amps and wire them direct to a high power aftermarket
amplifier unit (Pioneer).
  When I measured the resistance across the voice coils (did it tonight, and
prior to my install), my measurements were 1.8 ohms on my left door, and 2.1
on my right.  I believed that this was pretty low when I did my install, even
though many of today's amps are rated at 2 ohms because it makes the output
figures higher.
  My Pioneer amps claim they are stable to less than 1 ohm, but being
conservative, I elected to install speakers under the dash grills as well (4
ohm rated), and wire them in parallel with the Bose units, thereby increasing
the resistance that the amp would see.
  The resulting resistance values are 6.1 and 6.3 (again, measured tonight),
more than safe.
  I'm really not trying to engage in a huge debate, and my only point is that
if you want to do it, you can.  Honestly, it sounds great.
  I'm using an Alpine head unit, a 4x50 watt Pioneer power amp (2 channels
powering the front doors and dash, 2 channels powering the rear deck speakers
which are Infinity Perfect 6 3/4" + 1" tweeter system), and a 2x75 watt
Pioneer power amp driving 2 10" trunk mounted subs.  This setup was very easy
to install in stock locations (except the subs), and sounds fantastic.  Due
to the use of the Bose units in the doors, and the quality of the enclosure
design, there is noticeable sound quality in the front of the car that is
typically lacking in door or dash mount speakers.

Just my humble opinion...


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