Odd Hard Start Issue

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Already checked that area as well.  When I saw oil coming out of my
distributor I went with one of the "Benz Theories," ie the one where oil
coming out of the distirbutor is more likely caused by a bad crankcase
ventilation system than anything.  Haven't checked further, but my findings
seem to indicate that this theorem has been disproved.

In my situation, the hose attached to the block is fine, and the small hose
your talking about is fine as well.  When I did my timing belt a couple of
years ago did some other work and noticed the same hose ripped in my car in
the same condition as you've indicated.  As such, the hose is replaced.

Makes sense that would let unmetered air into the engine, but I don't recall
noticing a big difference in runability after the repair.  If you don't
source out hose, you could always plug up the vent hose at both ends and see
if that makes a difference.

Does anybody know anything about the fuel pump check valve and how
problematic that is.  I've heard rumblings about that as a hard start issue
elsewhere (via Blau).

Derek P

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I spent all night last night checking hosing as a cause seeing how no codes
were thrown.  I don't know if this is the problem yet, but I found the crank
case hose from the big round check valve behind the engine to the metal pipe
that runs behind the exhaust sheild TOTALLY SHEARED OFF.  I would think this
is letting unmetered air into the engine.  I also have some oil below the
distributor, but haven't checked it out.  Before I bought my car less than a
year ago or so, it had a full $1,000 tune up, including wires, crank case
breather hose, plugs, cap, rotor, filter, etc.  So I have ruled out any of
those causes at this point.

Maybe you should check this hose also.  It appears oil has "eaten" the hose
to where it just disintegrated or blew off on high boost possibly (if that
could even happen).  I am sure that the heat from the manifold didn't help
either.  It is just about 3" of 1 1/2" hose, so I am sure that any
will do--not necessarily dealer.

Good luck.

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