Climate control trouble ...

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Wed Dec 18 19:35:30 EST 2002

It might be the temp regulating flap motor. See  go to 'repair index page' and
then to '#87 A/C temperature regulating flap'. Mine used to warm the car up
okay, but then would cycle back and forth from cold to hot. It definitely
would keep you awake on a long drive in the Winter...  I tried contact
enhancer and that would work for awhile, but eventually I ended up replacing
the flap motor. Should cost about $60.  There also is a section about
reading error codes from the A/C.  HTH

Gary Martin

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Anyone fixed a similar problem recently? Cabin temperature control is
terrible ... I can get it to work (sort of) by cranking up the temperature
to HI and backing off slowly to where I want it, but it's a pain in the

My old '85 5Kt had a similar problem, and the problem was supposedly the A/C
programmer.  Anyone replaced their programmer recently? Or fixed the problem
any other way?

Help appreciated!


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