Radio- Why not quality aftermarket?

jim catterson termite at
Wed Dec 18 16:37:09 EST 2002

--- Brandon Hull <Hull at> wrote:
> Yes I'm intrigued by the becker installation since I've always really
> admired the design as integrating into the early 90's audi interior.
> Do you guys have any sense of how easily this would slot into a CQ?
> I've always heard beckers were crummy sound hence their availability
> used, but they sure are expensive from a distributer.

if the CQ has a DIN opening,  the beckers will fit.  the 80's - early
90's oem MB beckers are indeed total trash w/ awful sound.  the mid
90's on units as spec'ed to porsche are an entirely different story.
nice sound, good features and clean design...not to mention that low
voltage output common ground...

jim catterson

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