Friggin' MFTS...again!

Mike Miller mikemilr at
Thu Dec 19 07:23:35 EST 2002

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From: "Phil Rose" <pjrose at>

> Well count me among those needing to replace the Mult-Malfunction
> Temp Sensor (MFTS) at an extrordinary rate. The present (now
> defective) sensor was installed in my Lago sedan not more than 6
> months ago, IIRC. Yes the connector boot is ventilated. No, there are
> no obvious signs of leakage. No, I didn't think I overtightened (who
> knows?) Anyway, during the past week I've begun to get those
> incessant, spurious "overheat"  warning chimes accompanied by low
> boost. All I can say is that it's a good thing gasoline is no longer
> 30 cents a gallon, or I'd be spending as much on MFTS replacements as
> on fuel.


I seem to go through them every 12-18 months.  Usual failure mode for me is
the Temp gauge and A/C quit working. I never have seen low boost caused by
it. The last one was throwing false over-temps and no A/C. I knew the over
temps were false because I would start the car at 5 deg and in less than a
minute, an over-temp alarm. I don't think so!


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