joe smith mtnbikguy2002 at
Thu Dec 19 07:46:17 EST 2002

I bought my 91 200 TQ about 3 months ago. It's my
first Audi, and I wasn't quite sure what I was getting
myself into. I bought it from a wholesaler (with out
any vehicle history other than Car Fax) for $5K with
94K miles. Fortunately, I found the dealer that did
most of the work on the car, and the car has been very
well cared for.
Since I've had the car I’ve only been getting 1.3-4
bar of boost. Over the last few months I've replaced
the MFTS, TBV, TBV hose and found a bunch of loose
hose clamps, but still only 1.3-4 bar. I've also
pulled the codes - nothing. Over the last weekend I
had a friend come over, with his help (thanks again
Tim) and the help of the Bentley manual we traced the
problem to a faulty waste gate frequency valve. I
ordered the part from Blau and it came last night. I
popped it in and took the car for a drive. WOW - I
could not believe the difference. I thought the
difference would be minimal - boy, was I wrong - I was
pulling 1.8 right away and it felt great. Now time for
the 277hp chip..... Anyone have advice on chipping
this car?

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