What is a Drag link socket?

Arun Rao rao at pixar.com
Thu Dec 19 13:19:54 EST 2002

And, because I know we all like to fill our heads with auto trivia, a
drag link is a steering (?) part on good ol' American Jeeps and other
4WD trucks.  How appropriate :-)

What's even more peculiar is that Audi should prescribe such a
non-Teutonic tool for this repair: I'm surprised our cars don't die
from allergic reaction!


On Thursday, December 19, 2002, at 12:51  PM, Kneale Brownson wrote:

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>> Please, what is a drag link socket?
>> -Scott in BOSTON
> It's a socket (various drive sizes, but the one the Bentley recommends
> is
> 1/2" drive) that has what looks like a large flat-bladed screwdriver
> bit as
> its working end.  Looks like:

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