Drag link socket Steering Rack ?

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Thu Dec 19 21:05:33 EST 2002

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Thanks for the info,  I repackaged it info for future searches.
-Scott in BOSTON

Two links for the archives:
Drag link socket:
It's a socket (various drive sizes, but the one the Bentley recommends is
1/2" drive) that has what looks like a large flat-bladed screwdriver bit as
its working end.  Looks like:


In a message dated 12/19/02 3:38:54 PM Eastern Standard Time,
brett at cloud9.net writes:
> >Please, what is a drag link socket?
> See:
> http://members.aol.com/c1j1miller/steer.html
***** which tell(s) you: ******
>  3/4" drag-link socket for 1/2" drive, available from  professional tools
> suppliers (Snap-On, MacTools).
> * The socket I've used is a 3/8" drive, looks like a giant flat screwdriver
> (which it probably is). I think the blade is 3/4" wide (19mm x 2mm for my
> fellow Metric Indoctrinated listers). The whole socket is about 30mm tall.
> I've gotten it through my favorite McMaster-Carr catalogue.  Craftsdude has
> it in 1/2" drive, it's called a "drag link socket". You'll need a 3/4" one,

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