Blau Wire Harness

Charles Baer charlie at
Fri Dec 20 10:37:52 EST 2002

Using the Blau harness saves some time, for the price and time saved
measuring and building up your own I went for it.  If you have the
time and the desire/skill, you could definitely create a better
design than what they sent me.

Some connectors weren't right, the running/parking light feed had the
wrong connector.  You also need to check the pinout of the headlamp
assemblies since they aren't always the same from unit to unit.

I plan (don't ask me when!) to modify my Blau harness to re-enable
the lamp monitor; Blau only uses one of the old connectors to
control the harness.  I plan to add a second low-beam relay and
some diode/resistor shunts to provide some current draw on the
original wiring to the bulbs.


Chuck Pierce wrote:
>    I now have a set of Euro lights coming for the Avant. I understand
> the Blau wire harness is pretty good vs building one myself. Question
> is:  does the 91 20v need the bulb monitor control unit. I understand
> what it is for, but what are the mods that adapt it for the Euro lights
> & harness.
> Chuck
> 91 20v Avant  ( slowly getting sorted out )
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