Bose and Caps

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at
Fri Dec 20 11:43:06 EST 2002

Just wanted to let everybody know that I recieved my order from digi-key
yesterday and promptly went about replacing caps.

As predicted, there where some black stained areas under a few of the caps
adjacent to the coils on the circuit board.  Cleaned up best I could with
alchohol (used whiskey as I was worried that Southern Comfort might leave a
bit of a sugary residue).  Didn't remember to note which positions (ie cap
#) where messed up, but maybe I can infer back when I do the other side.

Well, speaker now works with no problem, and it really does seem to be
louder than the other side.  Dependant on time, may hit passenger side now,
but it works, and Brett's instructions where VERY helpful!  It took me bit
longer than 2 hours round trip, I mean I was able to listed pretty much all
of Houses of the Holy, and a Meters album before I was done with the cap
exchange.  Started out using my iron on the 15w setting; too low, things
really picked up w/30w's.

Thanks for the assistance, and if you decide to have Brett to the cut and
paste for you, it is worth a couple of bucks.  Like 3 or 4 I'm thinking.
Kidding, I'm kidding.

Anyhow, another one unbites the dust, and thanks again for the help.

Derek P

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