Blau Wire Harness

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Here are some links on wiring harnesses and such. Chris Millers site under
repair group #94.   Also SJM's
site.  And these may be helpful also   And finally, I
hope you got the correct trim plates for above and below the lights, if not,
you will need these.

At 11:02 AM -0700 5/27/02, motogo1 wrote:
>I finally started my Euro headlight project. Removed one old headlight
>without problem, and removed the 'trim' plates. Those flat metal pieces on
>top and bottom of the headlight, that slide in place with three prongs.
>Slide these into the Euros and whoa, this doesn't look right. The screw
>holes don't line up and the front of the trim plate sticks out about 1/4 "
>or more in front of the headlight. The big QUESTION is, do Euros require
>different trim plates. (or whatever this things are called, that the trim
>attaches too).

Yes. They are different and are generally included as part of the
eurolight assembly. There was a thread here on just this topic a few
weeks ago.

These are the eorolight-specific p/n I sent to AUDIJIM, who evidently
found himself in the same situation as you:

447 941 045 upper (left) retaining (trim) bracket
447 941 046 upper right retaining bracket

447 941 045D lower (left) retaining bracket
447 941 046D lower (right) retaining brkt

Gary Martin
94 UrS4
91 200 TQA

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>    I now have a set of Euro lights coming for the Avant. I understand
> the Blau wire harness is pretty good vs building one myself. Question
> is:  does the 91 20v need the bulb monitor control unit. I understand
> what it is for, but what are the mods that adapt it for the Euro lights
> & harness.
> Chuck
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