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I have done it with the Blau harness and I have rolled my own. It worked out
about the same for me if I pay myself, but I have all of the tools
(ratcheting crimpers) and do a lot of electrical stuff at work. If one is
not really familiar with doing wiring, then the Blau harness is the way to

BTW, it's possible to disable the lamp warning by bending a particular pin
over on a relay, but I don't remember which one.
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> Chuck,
> I have installed 2 sets of Euro Headlights using the Blau Wire Harnesses
> (bulb monitor included w/ $50 "core" deposit).  The monitor is not
> however you will get a system check error without it.  A friend of mine
> his own harness and said it was a major pia!  For $120 or thereabouts -
> a no-brainer (imho).
> Peter
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