Blau Wire Harness

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Sat Dec 21 11:13:18 EST 2002

Well, in my case, I did get the side reflector but not the  top and bottom
trim pieces. I was supplied these pieces at no extra cost from my supplier,
after I found out the need for them.

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> At 4:19 PM -0800 12/20/02, motogo1 wrote:
> >And finally, I hope you got the correct trim plates for above and
> >below the lights, if not, you will need these.
> There are no "trim" pieces necessary for turbo type44 chassis
> eurolights.  The eurolight comes as one big assembly, and replaces
> the entire US headlamp+sidemarker assembly.
> If you got just a headlamp shell(no side reflector with chrome trim
> around it, no 'cage' around the headlamp shell) and didn't get some
> sort of discount, you got ripped off.  I don't see why anyone would
> sell a eurolight in the US minus the cage and side reflector, except
> to confuse/rip people off.
> Brett
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