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Mon Dec 23 14:22:30 EST 2002

Found this in my 'Drafts' - better late than never...

Thank you all for the suggestions.  W.r.t. aligning, BTDT w/tiny pin (low
knowledge early on).  When car was purchased by me, one jet was squirting
the RHS fog line, and the other was washing the roof.  I'll try the
suggestions for back flushing.  The line running from the RHS jet to the LHS
is almost too short.

David Brill
Hillsboro, OR

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>By shot do you mean clogged, you should try a thin pin to unclog it

Owners manual and Bentley specifically warn against doing so, even to
align the jets.  They are heated- I would recommend back flushing them
somehow(maybe disconnect the pipe and direct a sharp stream of water
into the tips.)

Alignment with something like a toothpick is probably a safe, but
Audi has an official(snicker) washer jet adjustment tool :-)

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