Tire recommendations and lister sighting?

dkpriebe at attbi.com dkpriebe at attbi.com
Tue Dec 24 05:44:20 EST 2002

I need to put a set of winter tires on my car this week, and am looking for any
suggestions/recommendations. The following are the conditions they will be used:
 - winter time only (Nov-Mar) in Seattle
 - normal daily commuting
 - just about every weekend to the Cascades
 - stock 15" wheels
 - not looking for high performance or long life
I am ruling out snow tires or studded tires, simply because 70% of the time I
will be driving on normal wet Seattle roads, and don't want to sacrifice the
grip there. I currently have some Dunlop M&S rated tires which have done the
job just fine for the last 2 years. But I'm interested to see if anyone else
has a different tire that they have been pleased with in similar conditions.
Also, I'm not suffering from fat wallet syndrome. I'm just looking for
something that works well.

Possible lister sighting? Nice pearl avant spotted in Carmel, by the Mission,
12/23, just after the Chanticleer concert.

Dave Priebe
Kenmore WA
91 200tqa
95.5 S6

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