LAC: 300HP volvo?

Mihnea Cotet mik at
Tue Dec 24 23:59:50 EST 2002

The difference is in the turbo this guy is using *if* his claims are real
numbers. Remember the Audi Sport quattro with the 2.1l engine and 8:1
compression ratio used to put out 306 real HP at only 1.1 Bar. This is due
to the fact that different turbos provide with different air flows at the
same pressure. As a comparison point, the stock 200q20v turbo compressor
(KKK 24) flows (at 2.2 Bar absolute pressure) 0,2 cubic meters (m3) per
second at 140.000 RPM while the RS2 turbo compressor flows (at the same 2.2
Bar absolute pressure) 0,3 m3/s but at only 135.000 RPM. So more pressure
doesn't always mean more air flow, a stock K24 pushed at its limits at 2.6
Bar absloute pressure will only flow something like 0,1 m3/s, which will
barely make any HP. This is where the compressor maps come into play and
you can really see the importance of not overspinning a turbo because not
only it provides hot air, but hot air is also less dense, which means a lot
less air than at lower pressures.



At 14:38 24/12/2002 -0800, CL Wong wrote:
>So one of the moderators on the mazda mpv forum drives
>this (
>2.3 I5 running 1 bar boost... does the extra .1 liter
>make such a big difference?  He's claiming 300-320hp.
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