Crankcase Breather Hose

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at
Tue Dec 24 17:54:46 EST 2002


For what it's worth, my distributor (30k miles on it) is leaking AND my
crankcase vent hose in perfect shape.  I haven't blown air through the hose
set up it to make sure that there is no other obstructions, but I put on
odds on my finding nothing.  The hose was also replaced concurently to the

As to the price you'd found for the hose, I believe I paid more towards
$100, but I went through my local wrench.  $80 sounds like a good price to

"After changing, check the distributor for oil.  Depending upon your
definition of "seal" there either isn't one up there, or its very
weak, but oil vapor tends to get blown into the distributor when the
crankcase vent is blocked."

Derek P

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