Car refuses to start ...

Arun Rao rao at
Thu Dec 26 19:56:38 EST 2002

Isn't there a statistical word for this?  I'm experiencing a cluster of
low-probability events:

1. Dryer goes out
2. Gas leak outside house
3. Furnace goes out
4. The 200 suddenly decides not to start

Here's the skinny on the last: didn't drive it most of last week
because one of my new Eurolights was out, and it sat outside the house
because the garage was otherwise occupied.

For the first time in years, we have enough guests that we actually
*need* all three cars, so I decided I was going to fix the headlamps.
Simple enough (turned out to be a bad ground), and I pulled the car
into the garage to do the work.  Also did the flap motor contact
cleaning thing. Tried to start the car to try out the climate control:
motor cranks but doesn't start (after the fourth crank I know
something's wrong because it has *never* taken more than two).  A few
more cranks later, the battery's dead.

I'm guessing fuel pump's toast.  Any other ideas?  What's the simplest
way of finding out if the fuel pump is indeed dead?  The fuse is good,
but I can't hear anything with the ignition on.  I've done this on my
5KT once before, but memory's the second thing to go :(

Thanks for listening!


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