Car refuses to start ...

Kneale Brownson knotnook at
Fri Dec 27 06:54:58 EST 2002

At 07:56 PM 12/26/2002 -0800, Arun Rao wrote:
>  I pulled the car
>into the garage to do the work.  Also did the flap motor contact
>cleaning thing. Tried to start the car to try out the climate control:
>motor cranks but doesn't start (after the fourth crank I know
>something's wrong because it has *never* taken more than two).  A few
>more cranks later, the battery's dead.
>I'm guessing fuel pump's toast.  Any other ideas?  What's the simplest
>way of finding out if the fuel pump is indeed dead?  The fuse is good,
>but I can't hear anything with the ignition on.  I've done this on my
>5KT once before, but memory's the second thing to go :(

I experienced a no-start with no fuel pump sound (it'd never been loud
anyway) with me in the trunk listening, and replaced the fuel pump
relay.  Instant start.  Couple weeks later, no start, no response to second
new relay (first was from the parts car, second was one ordered in the
interim to have on hand).  Ergo, new fuel pump.  I figured the old pump,
which wouldn't turn when connected to a battery outside the car, had so
much drag it fried the first relay on its way to the fuel pump graveyard.

The pumps today are smaller than the originals, so you may either want to
determine what's in there already before ordering.  If you need the
intermediate basket into which the newer, slimmer, pumps fit, you'll want
to order that with the pump.

See Chris Miller's website for details on the
pump.   Search the repair
index for fuel pump.  I needed the tool for loosening the pump from its
retainer.  Some haven't needed it.  $25 or so from

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