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Phil Rose pjrose at
Fri Dec 27 11:47:38 EST 2002

At 7:56 PM -0800 12/26/02, Arun Rao wrote:

>For the first time in years, we have enough guests that we actually
>*need* all three cars, so I decided I was going to fix the headlamps.
>Simple enough (turned out to be a bad ground), and I pulled the car
>into the garage to do the work.  Also did the flap motor contact
>cleaning thing. Tried to start the car to try out the climate control:
>motor cranks but doesn't start (after the fourth crank I know
>something's wrong because it has *never* taken more than two).  A few
>more cranks later, the battery's dead.

I assumed you tried starting with a booster or did some recharging?
Batteries do poop out rather abruptly after periods of disuse if
they've been in marginal condition up 'till then.

>I'm guessing fuel pump's toast.  Any other ideas?  What's the simplest
>way of finding out if the fuel pump is indeed dead?  The fuse is good,
>but I can't hear anything with the ignition on.  I've done this on my
>5KT once before

Before I replaced the fuel pump in ol' Lago, it was _very_ loud,
however you could not hear it at all until the engine was running
(i.e., pump did _not_ run with the ignition turned on without engine
running/cranking.) I recall being told that fuel pump operation in
the 200 differs from the 5KT in that respect.


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