Car refuses to start ...

Brett Dikeman brett at
Fri Dec 27 16:51:42 EST 2002

At 11:47 AM -0500 12/27/02, Phil Rose wrote:

>>I'm guessing fuel pump's toast.  Any other ideas?  What's the simplest
>>way of finding out if the fuel pump is indeed dead?  The fuse is good,
>>but I can't hear anything with the ignition on.  I've done this on my
>>5KT once before
>Before I replaced the fuel pump in ol' Lago, it was _very_ loud,
>however you could not hear it at all until the engine was running
>(i.e., pump did _not_ run with the ignition turned on without engine
>running/cranking.) I recall being told that fuel pump operation in
>the 200 differs from the 5KT in that respect.

I was under the impression only the 80's and 90's did it the 'fuel
pump prime' bit- my '87 5kcst never did it, but perhaps earlier
models did?  Hmm...

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