Power Door Locks got Cold...

Grant Dion G_Dion at msn.com
Fri Dec 27 18:12:23 EST 2002


I am having issues with the door lock/alarm. Apparently some water may have
gotten into the door or somewhere else, when I washed the car, cause when it
froze last night, I could not get the key to go into either door, or when I
finally did the system did not want to respond. Finally after what seemed
like an hour of the alarm, I was able to get the car to start. This morning
I played the same game with the locks again. THis afternoon, there was NO
problem when the temp was in the mid 40's. Any Ideass to solve this would be
greatly appreciated.

PS   Can I go to the Bridgestone driving school in Steamboat, and NOT
register, but just hang around? Would that be too boring or is it fun just
to watch.


Colorado Springs

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