Power Door Locks got Cold...

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Sat Dec 28 01:01:06 EST 2002

>  > I am having issues with the door lock/alarm. Apparently some water may have
>>  gotten into the door or somewhere else, when I washed the car, cause when it
>  > froze last night, I could not get the key to go into either door

At 6:02 PM -0800 12/27/02, Bernie Benz wrote:
>Install a RKE and never use a key in a door again.

Or, just lift the door handle and wait about 10 seconds for the
heated locks to defrost.  I've had to use mine once or twice and they
work fantastically.

Read the manual, folks, they printed it for a reason ;-)

Part 2-
Dunno about steamboat springs, but I had fun working the course for
the Northeast region's winter driving school.  If you get bored just
standing around, I've never been to a driver education event that
couldn't have used an extra hand -somewhere-, and at WDS's people
REALLY need to take a break from the cold, so I'm sure if you emailed
the eventmaster they could use you.

   You can probably also get at least one ride with someone, I'd
bet...and as long as you meter properly(snow is so reflective it
makes metering a pain in the ass; digital cameras are a little earier
than film because they have a wider dynamic range), there will
probably be lots of photo ops(bring a VERY high rated neutral density
filter, I'd guess at least +4(but that's just a guess), and shoot at
MOST ISO 100.  I was shooting with a digital camera rated for ISO 50,
stopped down to F8, with a polarizer good for at least 1-2 stops, and
I was often STILL over-exposing at 1/500th...and anything over
1/120th makes for VERY boring pictures...)  Snow flying, cars
sliding, exhaust steam, good stuff.  Just don't try to photograph and
work the course at the same time...

"They that give up essential liberty to obtain temporary
safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Ben Franklin

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