Intermittent P/S

Scalmanini Steve sscalmanini at
Sat Dec 28 03:17:21 EST 2002

Does anyone know what the likely problem is for power
steering that has been intermittent starting five days
ago.  Sometimes it seems fine, but most of the time
it's very hard to turn.

No pentosin leaks are visible, although the fluid is
down to the "min" mark so the warning lamp started
flashing sporadically a few days ago, but since then
it hasn't gone to solid on so I assume no more has
leaked out in the last few days, and regardless, the
min level is plenty for the system to still operate

The steering rack is original, with 180K miles, so I
wouldn't be surprised if it died after all these
years, but I don't know what their failure mode(s) are
so I don't know if intermittency is one of them or if
something else is likely causing the problem.

' anyone have any ideas?


Ukiah, CA

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