Intermittent P/S

Scalmanini Steve sscalmanini at
Sun Dec 29 00:50:56 EST 2002

I haven't looked for foaming pentosin yet but the
outside of my reservoir is plenty wet all over with
it; but adjacent parts do not have any on them, so
I know it's not getting sprayed around under the

Was another of your symptoms that the P/S worked
fine for several (~10-30) seconds after a cold
start?  That seems to be happening and I thought
it might be from the pump taking several seconds
before it started foaming the fluid.

If it is the pump, it'll be the second one to go
through warranty exchange with Blau in 8 months,
and less than 5,000 miles!  Jeez, is ZF omitting
something from their rebuilds?  The original pump
went 9 years.


--- Mike Miller <mikemilr at> wrote:

This sounds a lot like what mine did when the
PS pump started going. It took extra effort to
get the wheel to start turning, then it felt
fine. After about a week of this, I had foaming
pentosin coming out the top of the cap.

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