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Sun Dec 29 09:55:37 EST 2002

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> I haven't looked for foaming pentosin yet but the
> outside of my reservoir is plenty wet all over with
> it; but adjacent parts do not have any on them, so
> I know it's not getting sprayed around under the
> hood.
> Was another of your symptoms that the P/S worked
> fine for several (~10-30) seconds after a cold
> start?  That seems to be happening and I thought
> it might be from the pump taking several seconds
> before it started foaming the fluid.
> If it is the pump, it'll be the second one to go
> through warranty exchange with Blau in 8 months,
> and less than 5,000 miles!  Jeez, is ZF omitting
> something from their rebuilds?  The original pump
> went 9 years.

Even though I went through about a quart of pentosin, it never really went
anywhere besides the outside of the reservior. It did hit the hot exhaust
and burn off it looks like. I never really checked the steering right after
starting so can't help you there. But it does make sense it would take a
little while for the fluid to get to the foamy stage.

mike miller

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