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Some where, some time, some place out there, I no longer know where, on the
net there have been several threads debating the pros &/or cons of monkeying
with the butterfly ramp, i.e. a la:

From: http://www.icelord.net/vw/upgrades/VR6_Power_Upgrades.html

"....The US throttle body has an air ramp right in front of the throttle
plate, restricting air flow. The upgrade (which is really the
European TBody from VW) does not have that ramp, and they claim that
the total package (chip + throttle + K&N filter) added 30 road Hps.
The throttle body is rather pricey (about US$ 300), and I
you can't take your existing tbody and mill that ramp out because there
is not enough material in the casting.
Another difference is that the Euro TBody has a progressive mechanism
to open the throttle valve while the US has a direct hoockup.
This makes the low end more controllable but also seemingly softer
The third difference is with the potentiometer. It is also different....."

Any one have a better line on this?  As I vaguely recall, notwithstanding
the "Icelords" endorsement, this was otherwise not considered a "good thing"
to do.

Mike "still stumbling once & awhile, but it could have been the egg nog"

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